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FurEvers are two figurines made to fit together of a person and their favorite Breed or Species! They show the love we all feel toward our Pets. 

They are approximately 6" x 6" depending on which animal and whether the person is kneeling or standing.

All pieces are made individually by hand and not by machine. Doing them by hand, there will never be two exactly alike.

I usually use a dark wood for the critter and a light contrasting wood for the person. There really are no rules! You can decide what you want. These are meant to be whimsical with not a lot of detail.

Since I make all my patterns, I can also alter them a bit. If you want shorter hair on the woman or maybe a bun, you tell me. The man is pretty much always bald but if you have a different thought, I'm game!

Click here to see our FurEvers in their new homes!

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Available Animals

These are EXAMPLES and minor alterations are allowed.  When ordering, you have the option of providing additional information as well as uploading a photo of your pet during the order process. Please understand if the changes you require are significant, it will result in an increase in price. 


For Pricing and Order Form, click HERE.

If you don't see your pet in the list, please send a request to add to


Pair (1 person + 1 pet) $50 + shipping. Pair with additional pet (1 person + 2 pets) $70 + shipping.

NOTE: If your pet has passed, we can add an angel wing for an additional $7.50.

We use oak for the human figures and black walnut for the critters. Different color wood is not available at this time.

If ordering more than 1 pair. i.e. 1 man with pet and 1 woman with pet, PLEASE use a separate form for each.

Order Form

Please enter your preferences, then submit your order.

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