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A Forever Home for rescued senior dogs

The Senior Scenter

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So many senior pets are dumped at shelters. Once well-loved family companions, they are now of no ‘use’ to their owners – too old, too feeble, or just too much trouble. In some cases, the owners have passed away, or are so ill they can no longer care for their beloved pets, and have no other choice than to give them up. 

Our Mission is to provide Love and Comfort to senior dogs that have been displaced due to death/illness of their owner, being dumped into a shelter or by an owner that can no longer handle the extra care a senior may need. NO animal should die in a shelter and more so, in many cases, a blind or deaf senior. We are determined to offer them love, emotional and medical support until they have exhausted their quality of life on this earth and are ready to "Cross The Bridge".

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